Custom Moulding



At Scotech Plastics we specialise in creating custom and one off moulds for short or long runs. Custom moulding is what we do.


Perhaps you have a product that is no longer available and need more...

Or a part that needs modifying to suit its current application...

Or even a custom polyurethane part, bush or bearing of any size or shape that needs replacing...


These are all familiar situations that we see reguarly and that require custom moulding.


Our technical team are able to work with you to provide a product that satisfies your requirements.


Let us assist you with the many options and products available in Polyurethane.


Polyurethane comes in many hardness' and types and is a suitable material for many products and applications.


It can be as soft as a rubber or hard like plastic.It is an incredibly versatile










Product Design

Want just a few?




Do you have an idea for a product?


We can help you to produce a prototype so that you can take your idea to the next level.



Bring in your design drawings, existing parts, or even your own mould and we will work with you to create your product to your specifications.


We are happy to sit down and discuss the whole process with you - from design to manufacture.

​Polyurethane Perth / Custom Moulding



What we can do for you





 - Extend the life of your seeders and  machinery. Reduce maintenance time and costs.


 - Seeder coatings



 - Conveyor belt rollers



 - Machinery coatings



 - Replacement wheels




 - Conveyor Belt scraper blades

 - Rollers 


 - Belt cleaners



 - Custom parts and components




 - Re-coating plant and machinery wheels


 - Custom parts and components



 - Bushes



 - Bearings



 - Seals



 - Automotive suspension parts

 - Lining of wear products







Whether you just need one or one thousand, we are able to help.


Many larger companies are unable to accomodate small runs or individual items.


At Scotech Plastics we specialise in manufacturing small to medium size products in small or large runs.


We welcome the opportunity to quote on your products.




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